command IP replaces ifconfig, route and arp

Linux Network
What to do Net-Tools Iproute2
show addresses ifconfig [DEV] ip addr show [DEV] 
config address ifconfig DEV IPADDRESS ...  ip addr add IPADDRESS/CIDR dev DEV 
delete address ip addr del IPADDRESS/CIDR dev DEV 
add alias ifconfig DEV:1 IPADDRESS/CIDR ip addr add IPADDRESS/CIDR dev DEV label DEV:1 
activate device ifconfig DEV up ip link set DEV up
deactivate device ifconfig DEV down ip link set DEV down 
show route route [-6]  ip [-6] route 
set gateway route add default gw IPADDRESS  ip route add default via IPADDRESS dev DEV 
ARP/NDP arp -a  ip neigh 
show sockets netstat ss 

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